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1750 Chase Avenue
"In the Historic Northside Area "
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223

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Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr, Archbishop

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Sept 15, 2019Sept 22, 2019Sept 29, 2019Oct. 06, 2019Oct. 13, 2019Oct. 20, 2019

Vol. LVI No. 47- Cycle C

4:00 PM -JR –Dorothy Keller
6:00 PM-Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish with San Carlos)

Ex 17:8-13; 2 Tm 3:14—4:2; Lk 18:1-8
8:00 AM -Binzer –Intention of Sr. Carol Ann Brockmeyer
11:00 AM -McCloskey –Intention of Presider
12:30 PM- Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish with San Carlos)

Rom 4:20-25; Lk 12:13-21
7:30 AM –David Frerick

Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21; Lk 12:35-38
7:30 AM –Thomas Klosterman

Rom 6:12-18; Lk 12:39-48
7:30 AM –Betsy Black
8:00 AM – Holy Hour

Rom 6:19-23; Lk 12:49-53
7:30 AM –Felicie McKenna

Rom 7:18-25a; Lk 12:54-59
7:30 AM –For Those Enrolled In the Memorial Fund & Donors
1:30 PM – Holy Hour

Rom 8:1-11; Lk 13:1-9
8:00 AM –Marc Bruin
4:00 PM –JR –Donna Edgington
6:00 PM-Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish with San Carlos)

Sir 35:12-14, 16-18; 2 Tm 4:6-8, 16-18; Lk 18:9-14
8:00 AM -McCloskey –Rose & George Frerick
11:00 AM –JR –Jean Claire Fitzhenry
12:30 PM- Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish with San Carlos)

Ministry Schedule: October 26 & 27

Lectors: 4:00 PM –P. Wesseler; 8:00 AM –S. Drury; 11:00 AM –P. Reed.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: 4:00 PM –K. Fahey, K. Price, D. Weiss, H. Wesseler, M. Yetter; 8:00 AM–B. Burns, F. Klosterman, J. Menke, Volunteer; 11:00 AM-L. & T. Bollin, K. Gillespie, Volunteer.

Offertory Families: 4:00 PM –Freudenberg, Price; 8:00 AM -Volunteer; 11:00 AM -Tieke.

Servers: 4:00 PM –P. & R. Welz; 8:00 AM –P. Randolph, M. Sonenschein; 11:00 AM –L. Finke, M. Mathias.


Sunday offering Goal to-date: $125,400.00
Offerings received to-date: $100,959.00
Amount needed to catch up: $24,441.00
October 13 - Collection: $6,217.00
Direct Debit Offerings:………$292.00
Make it easy on yourself. Use our direct debit system for your Sunday Stewardship offering. To take advantage of this convenience, please call 541-1563. Thank you for your generosity.
Our Weekly Goal is $8,360.00

FOUR GRAND CLUB NEWS: Congratulations to Carol Roosa, Lorraine Knab, & Mary McMahan. They are the winners of the October 10 drawing and each won $25.

BIRTHDAYS OF THE WEEK: (October 20-26) Gary Garitson (20), Katie Robb (20), Tom Minning (21), Jared Hochwalt (21), Lou Bauer (22), James Windholtz (22), Deborah Rahn (22), Stacy Willacker (22), Kristin Ruter (22), Mary Ann McCumber (23), Mark Walsh (24), Jim Niehaus (25), Fred Hubbard (26), Amy Kelm (26), Chris Wilhelm (26). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

TODAY IS WORLD MISSION SUNDAY and we are called to personal encounter with Jesus Christ alive in the Church, and to offer, through this Eucharistic celebration our prayers and our generous financial support. Through the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, we continue the mission of Jesus. Today we are “sent” out to witness to Mission in the world through our prayers and personal sacrifices for our brothers and sisters around the world. As always, your prayers are your most treasured gift to the Missions. Please be generous in your collection today.

MONTH OF THE ROSARY: During the month of October, we will be making rosaries available to encourage parishioners to pray the rosary. Praying the rosary leads us to Jesus through Mary. We encourage everyone to say the Rosary daily.

ALL SOULS DAY ENVELOPES can be found at the doors of church, and in your box of envelopes on November 2. Take the envelope, write the names of those you want remembered on it, and enclose your contribution. A Mass will be said for them once a week during the month of November.

FALL FESTIVAL: Did you turn in your raffle tickets for the early bird drawing on Thursday, October 31? If you did you will be eligible to win $50. Remember the Turkey and Roast Beef Dinners are served from 12:00PM--5:00 PM on Festival Day. The cost is $10.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids 10 and under. See you on Sunday, November 24! Remember the Grand Raffle Prizes this year are: First prize: $2,000, Second prize: $1,000, and Third Prize: $500.

THEOLOGY ON TAP: Young adults are invited for the final week of discussing “Living Hope” at the Theology on Tap at Clifton series at Humble Monk Brewing (in Northside), on Thursday, October 24 at 7 PM. Msgr. William Cleves, pastor at Holy Spirit Parish, and Julie Wagner, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, will start the discussions by sharing their experiences in the field of mental health. For more information, go to

CINCINNATI CATHOLIC ALUMNI CLUB: We invite single Catholic men and women to join us for dinner, Sunday, October 27, 5:30pm, Grand Finale Restaurant, 3 E Sharon Rd. Glendale. Contact Emily, 859-359-5242.

MERCY MCAULEY’S FALL PLAY Alice In Wonderland is October 25-27. The shows are at 7:30 PM on Friday, and Saturday, October 25-26, and at 2 PM on Sunday, October 27. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students & seniors, and $5 for children under 10. Tickets can be purchased online at https// or at the door.

MASS AND HEALING SERVICE: Come and celebrate this special healing event on Wednesday, November 6th at 7:00 pm at St. Ignatius Parish. 5222 North Bend Rd., Monfort Heights. The Mass and Healing Service will focus on healing of the family tree. Our family history can have a big influence in our lives, whether we are aware of this or not. God wants to heal the bitter roots from our past. There is much good that we have inherited, but there are also some areas that need healing because of the lives of our relatives which, through many generations, can affect us physically and mentally. Sponsored by Lighthouse Renewal Center. For more info visit our website at or on Facebook at www.facebook/ or call 513-471-LITE (5483).

VOCATION VIEW: Pray persistently and God will respond. Ask God to bless the Church with faith-filled ministers. (Luke 18:1-8)

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