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1750 Chase Avenue
"In the Historic Northside Area "
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223

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Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr, Archbishop

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Nov. 03, 2019Nov. 10, 2019Nov. 17, 2019Nov. 24, 2019Dec. 01, 2019Dec. 08, 2019

Vol. LVI I No. 2- Cycle A

4:00 PM - JR–Mary Le Saint
6:00 PM-Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish)

Is 11:1-10; Rom 15:4-9; Mt 3:1-12
8:00 AM -McCloskey –James E. Murphy
9:30 AM- Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish)
11:00 AM -JR –Marc Bruin
12:30 PM- Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish)

DECEMBER 9– MONDAY-Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Gn 3:9-15, 20; Eph 1:3-6, 11-12; Lk 1:26-38
7:30 AM –Catherine Lienhart

Is 40:1-11; Mt 18:12-14
7:30 AM –Donald Klosterman
6:30 PM- Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish)

Is 40:25-31; Mt 11:28-30
7:30 AM –Rev. Robert Thorsen
8:00 AM – Holy Hour

DECEMBER 12– THURSDAY-Our Lady of Guadalupe
Zec 2:14-17; Lk 1:26-38
7:30 AM –Fr. David Brinkmoeller
6:30 PM- Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish)

Is 48:17-19; Mt 11:16-19
7:30 AM –Intention of John Frerick
1:30 PM – Holy Hour

Sir 48:1-4, 9-11; Mt 17:9a, 10-13
8:00 AM –Marvin Miller
4:00 PM –JR –Joe Miller
6:00 PM-Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish)

Is 35:1-6a, 10; Jas 5:7-10; Mt 11:2-11
8:00 AM -JR–Jean Claire Fitzhenry
9:30 AM- Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish)
11:00 AM –McCloskey – Christina Putnick Morris
12:30 PM- Coaquira-(Mass in Spanish)

Ministry Schedule: December 14 & 15

Lectors: 4:00 PM–S. Heidemann; 8:00 AM–S. Drury; 11:00 AM –R. Schinaman.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: 4:00 PM–B. Kessler, D. Mercer, H. Wesseler, R. Welz, Volunteer; 8:00 AM–B. Burns, K. & T. Cable, J. Menke; 11:00 AM-J. Chesher, R. McCoy, R. Salerno, J. Segers.

Offertory Families: 4:00 PM -Welz; 8:00 AM –Volunteer; 11:00 AM -Tieke.

Servers: 4:00 PM–A. Browning, K. Fahey, D. Weiss; 8:00 AM –P. Randolph, M. Sonenschein; 11:00 AM –M. Grause, J. Ruter.


Sunday offering Goal to-date: $183,920,00
Offerings received to-date: $157,242.00
Amount needed to catch up: $26,678.00
December 1 - Collection: $8,794.00
Direct Debit Offerings:………$992.00
Make it easy on yourself. Use our direct debit system for your Sunday Stewardship offering. To take advantage of this convenience, please call 541-1563. Thank you for your generosity.
Our Weekly Goal is $8,360.00

The collection for Sunday, November 24 was $8,589.00.
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development Collection for November 24 was $1,051.00.

FOUR GRAND CLUB NEWS: Congratulations to Edwin Tasset, John & Tina Back, and Calvin; Fox. They are the winners of the November 26 drawing and each won $25.

BIRTHDAYS OF THE WEEK: (December 8-14) Lorri Finke (08), David Renick (08), Michael Oberdoerster (09), Laura Parker (09), Michael Tucker (10), Casey Scullin (12), Lori Robb (12), Tony Michel (13), Peg Cummings (13), Lisa Hilton (13), Camrynn Strotman (13), Diane Hurse (14), Rick Baltes (14), Lori Bollin (14). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Please remember Edwin Tasset and his family in your [prayers. May he rise to life with Christ, the Lord of the living and the dead.

RETIREMENT FUND FOR THE RELIGIOUS: Support aging religious. Our special collection today is for the Retirement Fund for Religious. Many senior Catholic sisters, brothers, and religious order priests served for little or no pay. Today, religious communities often do not have enough savings to meet retirement needs. Your gift helps provide medications, nursing care, and more for tens of thousands of elderly religious. It also helps ensure younger members can continue the good works of their elders. Please be generous.

THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION of the Blessed Virgin Mary is on Monday, December 9. It is not a Holy Day of Obligation. The regular Mass will be celebrated at 7:30 AM on Monday, December 9.

GRAND RAFFLE WINNERS: Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets for the festival, but only a few could win! The following were the big winners: $2,000.00 Stan Schwieterman, $1,000.00 Charles Cummings, $500.00 Rolf Obrecht. Thanks to everyone who took chances on the raffle.

THE CHRISTMAS BOOTH: This year at our Fall Festival the Christmas booth took in $863.54. The more we have donated the more successful the booth will be in 2020. Check through your Christmas items as you put them up this season. Please bring your excess and unused decorations to the Parish Office. Thanks for your support.

THE ADVENT WREATH: The best-known of all Advent symbols is the Advent wreath, a custom that originated among German Lutherans but was soon adopted by Catholics. The circular shape of the wreath reminds us that the love of God is without beginning or end. The evergreens represent the hope of everlasting, or eternal, happiness. The four candles (three purple and one pink) arranged in a circle with the evergreen boughs, corresponds to the four Sundays of Advent. The purple candles represent our need to prepare for the coming of the Savior, and the pink (rose) candle—lit on the Third Sunday of Advent-(Gaudete Sunday) reminds us to be joyful, for the coming of the Lord is near!

DO YOU SEE THE CRIB IN THE SANCTUARY? Do something nice this Advent Season for someone homebound or in a nursing home from St. Boniface: send a card or take a gift to the person whose name you picked. Spread the joy of Christmas!

CHRISTMAS FLOWERS: Envelopes may be found at the doors of church for those who would like to make a memorial offering in the name of their deceased relatives and friends with a contribution toward the altar flowers for Christmas. Put the names of those for whom the offering is made, enclose whatever you are giving, and place it in the basket before Christmas Day. The 11:00 A.M. Mass on Christmas will be said for them.

CHRISTMAS DECORATING: We are approaching that time of year when we decorate the Church for Christmas We need volunteers to set everything up. Please call Jenni in the Parish Office if you would like to to volunteer for this project. Thanks!

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