St. Boniface Church Sunday Bulletin
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St. Boniface Church
1750 Chase Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45223
Vol. LIII No. 21- Cycle A

APRIL 19- SATURDAY-Holy Saturday
Gn 1:1-2:2; Ex 14:15-15:1; Is 55:1-11; Rom 6:3-11; Mt 28:1-10
9:00 PM -JR -Easter Vigil

APRIL 20- SUNDAY- Easter Sunday
Acts 10:34a, 37-43; Col 3:1-4; Jn 20:1-9
8:00 AM -FL -Intention of Parishioners
10:00 AM -JR -Easter Flower Memorial
12:00 PM -JR -Intention of Parishioners

Acts 2:14, 22-23; Mt 28:8-15
7:30 AM -Martha Rains

Acts 2:36-41; Jn 20:11-18
7:30 AM -Kathleen & Mark Walker

Acts 3:1-10; Lk 24:13-35
7:30 AM -Intention of Myra Kalemba
8:00 AM - Holy Hour

Acts 3:11-26; Lk 24:35-48
7:30 AM -For those enrolled in the Education Fund

Acts 4:1-12; Jn 21:1-14
7:30 AM -Rev. Joseph Bruening
1:30 PM - Holy Hour

Acts 4:13-21; Mk 16:9-15
8:00 AM - Clifford Beyer
4:00 PM -JR -Joe Luken

Acts 2:42-47; 1 Pt 1:3-9; Jn 20:19-31
8:00 AM -JR -Intention of Parishioners
10:00 AM -FL - Heinz Josef Wilke
12:00 PM -JR -Clementine Cullen

Ministry Schedule: April 26 & 27

4:00 PM - C. Roosa; 8:00 AM -R. Ogden; 10:00 AM -R. Pennekamp; 12:00 PM - L. Biedenbach.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: 4:00 PM - E. Freudenberg, T. LeSaint, D. Mercer, K. Price, D. Weiss; 8:00 AM -F. Klosterman, T. M. Lienhart, T. Voegele; 10:00 AM-O. Browning, J. Chesher, M. & J. Reynolds; 12:00 PM -K. Gillespie, P. Reed, M. Thaler, J. Wieghaus.

Offertory Families: 4:00 PM -Fahey; 8:00 AM -Volunteer; 10:00 AM -Schlesinger; 12:00 PM -Tieke.

Servers: 4:00 PM -P. Randolph, M. Yetter; 8:00 AM -J. & M. Wilts; 10:00 AM -M. Crosby, L. Finke; 12:00 PM -R. McCoy, J. Wermes.


Sunday offering Goal .................. $7,600.00

Collection - Sunday, April 13 ...... $7,105.00
- Direct Debit ............................ $480.00
Make it easy on yourself. Use our direct debit system for your Sunday Stewardship offering.
To take advantage of this convenience, please call 541-1563. Thank you for your generosity.

FOUR GRAND CLUB NEWS: Congratulations to Jeff & Kim Childs, Joseph & Deborah Rahn and Kathy Hackett. They are the winners of the April 10th drawing and each won $25.

BIRTHDAYS OF THE WEEK: (April 20-26) Aaron Finke, Jim Sammarco, Deborah Bird, Aubrie Houchens, Amy Danner, Rebecca Marie Dennany, Mildred Hanschmidt, Rachel Garitson, Kelly Somers, Marilyn Vogele, Carol Ratterman, Isabella Browning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Please remember Kathleen Sonderman and Le Enderle and their families in your prayers. May they rise to life with Christ, the Lord of the living and the dead.

WE GRATERFULLY ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTIONS: Education fund: $10 in memory of Dorothy Sturgeon, $10 in memory of Loraine Witschger, $10 in memory of Jeannette Witsken and $10 in memory of John "Jack" Berning. We also received the following donations: $50 in memory of Ralph Guenthner, $20 in memory of Vivian Lanser and $50 in memory of Vince Auskamp.

EASTER FLOWERS: The 10:00 A.M. Mass on Easter Sunday will be said for all of our deceased relatives and friends. If you enrolled them in the Easter Flower Memorial, you remember them in a special way, and you also have a part in the beautiful flowers in Church this Easter Season.

THE EASTER EGG HUNT will be after the 10:00 A.M. Mass on Easter Sunday.

YOUTH GROUP: All 7th through 12th graders are invited to join us in the school gym on Tuesday, April 22nd from 6:30-8:00. We have a fun group of teens that meet regularly. Our group is made up from different schools and different religions. Invite your friends to join us. Questions: Call Jenni: 541-1563.

ST. MARY'S LADIES SOCIETY will not hold their regular monthly meeting in April. See you next month in May!

JUBILEE 150: In conjunction with our anniversary, we are planning to install the Jubilee 150 Plaza made of pavers commemorating or remembering our loved ones and ourselves. If you have not ordered yet, don't forget to do so. We also have polo and sweatshirts bearing our Jubilee 150 logo available for sale. Call the Parish Office for information. Remember a sweatshirt will feel very cozy on those cool days! We are also selling chances on two beautiful handmade rosaries. Thanks to everyone for your continued love and support of St. Boniface.

HONOR ROLL STUDENTS: We are very proud of these students and know that you will be equally proud of them. They have achieved Honor Roll status for the third quarter of the 2013-2014 school year. They are some of the finest young high school men and women and show great potential for the future.

McAuley High School
First Honors:
Brandy Browning

Moeller High School
Second Honors:
Chad Campbell
Congratulations on the hard work!

It's back this year! Mark your calendars and clean out your closets for our bi-annual white elephant sale; it is scheduled for Sunday, June 22. Now is the time to donate your seldom used, but still in good condition, items you no longer need or use. No adult clothing. Items must be clean, usable, and small enough to be carried out of the cafeteria by one person. Items can be dropped off any time at the Parish Center.

VOCATION VIEW: He is Risen! Salvation has been won; the power of death is broken. Be inspired by Christ's triumph over death that you might be a confident witness of His Resurrection. (Matthew 28:6-7)

And the Pastoral Staff
Wishes each and everyone
An Easter Season filled with
God's peace and love.
May the joy of Christ's Resurrection
Be yours.