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1750 Chase Avenue    
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223

In the Historic Northside area

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Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr, Archbishop

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Mass Schedule
Weekdays - 7:30 AM
Saturday - 8 AM & 4 PM
Sunday - 8 AM, 10 AM & 12 Noon
For Holy Days please refer to the current Bulletin

Holy Hours
Wednesday following 7:30 AM Mass
Friday at 1:30 pm

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St. Boniface Church

Mission Statement

St. Boniface is a Catholic Community that worships as one body. We come together under the teachings of Jesus Christ to strengthen the spiritual and personal growth of the community through education, outreach, and Christian values.

Welcome to St. Boniface

Our history in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati dates back to 1853 when a modest church was built on Delany Street (originally Linn) not far from Blue Rock. Tradition has it the new parish was named after the patron saint of a child in the neighborhood - Aloysius. By 1862 the church had already become too small for the congregation, and the decision was made to divide the parish and erect a new church. St. Aloysius became St. Patrick church, and St. Boniface was built on the corner of Blue Rock and Lakeman streets. In 1870 additional property was bought to add a school. However by 1921 this site became too small and the current property on the corner of Chase and Pitts Avenues was purchased. The current church and rectory were completed in 1927, and the school in 1933. One hundred thirty years after the decision was made to divide St. Aloysius Parish, St. Boniface and St. Patrick were reunited. It was in December 1991 that the people of St. Patrick Parish closed its doors for the last time and processed behind the statue of their beloved patron to the doors of St. Boniface, where they were welcomed with open arms.
Now we worship as one parish, and pray for the future of St. Boniface.

To read the rest of the History click here

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St. Boniface Photos
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St. Boniface Staff

Rev. Joseph A. Robinson, Pastor
Jerry Yetter, Deacon
Sister Miriam Kaeser, O.S.F., School Principal
Jennifer Lindgren, Business Mgr/Youth Minister
Don Auberger, Music Director
Francis Klosterman, Pastoral Minister
Mary Jeanne Feldkamp, Parish Nurse
Doug Mercer, Director of Ministries

Fr. Joe's Homily page has been updated to September 2016. Click the icon below to be inspired by his words.

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Fr. Joe's collection of past homilies 2004-2016.

THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS MINISTRY will do Blood Pressure screenings this Sunday, March 26 after every Mass.

LENTEN SERVICE: Don’t forget that we have Mass at 7:00 p.m. this Wednesday, March 29.

EASTER FLOWERS: Envelopes may be found at the doors of Church for Easter flowers. If you would like to make a memorial offering in the name of a deceased relative or friend, put their name(s) on the envelope and enclose whatever you care to give.

MINISTRY SCHEDULE: Remember to sign up in the Sacristy for Holy Week and Easter. If you haven’t already done so, please do.

ST. BONIFACE SCHOOL FISH FRY: Don’t forget our fish fry on Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

"History In Your Own Backyard" recently assembled a video featuring Fr. Joe talking about the history of St. Boniface. It is posted on at this link-

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